Gday all. As a guild we are looking to invite members for our casual approach to play. Our intention is to create a guild that is friendly and helpful through all levels of the game except for end game raids. This however does not apply to raid rifts as we have every intention of getting numbers for raid rift events. Our member base is founded by RL friends who have roleplayed (D&D) and FPS Lan gamed for many years. We are all matured aged, hard working adults who game when we can. Some more than others of course. We welcome considerate applicants who can stay for the long haul in a casual environment plundering loot from 5man dungeons, pvp premades and raid rifts given the numbers. No DKP system will ever be introduced as the system is far to regimented and hardlined. We have a vent server for social interaction and as a game tool when required. So if this sounds like a viable journey or pathway for you on your new arrival to Rift or this server when please look up the guild members and voice your interest. Tell them Myscellene sent you and you read this forum post. Happy gaming, look forward to roaming Telara with you.=